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35-year professional trading veteran provides weekly insights to key market drivers as well as time-tested models to help keep subscribers on the right side of the market's major trends. The service focuses on risk-managed exposure to markets.


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About FrontRange Trading Co.

The Front Range Trading Team are full-time professional money managers that head up multiple investment management firms. The lead manager has been live on the firing line and investing for a living for more than two decades and the team has a combi…

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I've been following Mr. Moenning since 2006. I always look forward to his clear, concise descriptions/explanations of market drivers & his investing philosophy. I also really like his writing style & sense of humor. Beyond all of this, I trust him (i.e., I believe he is a very intelligent & honest man) and I trust his judgement.

Excellent balanced commentary!

Been making money with DD service for two years now. Hardest part was putting my emotions aside and just going with the advice given. Once I did that, its been beating the S&P which is all anyone can ask for. Best value in guidance trading, period.

Drew was on top of things and promptly helpped meto reset login password. and access my account . Great job!! Very much appreciated his help

Excellent, just what I was looking for.


I have been using the Daily Decision for the past year and have found it to be very useful for timing the ups and downs of the market. I am pleased with the results and plan on continuing with this service.

it is a most helpful vehicle for my trading. I use this in conjunction with other models that I have created and they compliment well.

th service is too short to have me do any thing. I do no twant to give any review it's not too short

Been with David for over a year now and consider his service the best of its kind...bar-none. I sleep well at night knowing that as long as I stick with him, I will never ride another bear into the abyss!

By far one of the most insightful newsletters on the markets. Daily Decisions gives a clear -no B.S. - look into what is going on. No jargon, no complicated formulas to success. Just thoughts from a proven industry vet. Dave's down-to-earth approach allows everyone to get involved in the markets.

Get your left and right heads together. I get the Daily Decision. In the e-mail it refers me to the resource page. No place sign in as a subscriber -- need to create an account. And then, having supposedly created a new account I'm asked for a review. And can't proceed until I've reviewed the product I just signed up for!

I've been a member for 2 full years, made 46% the first year (after a slow start), and just completed my 2nd year with a 68% return. I use both UPRO and TQQQ's. I also love the fact that the daily updates help keep me in tune with the market. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

Great work every day...a light on the sea...thank you very much mr. Dave & Donald !!! Roberto from Italy :)

Mr. Moenning is one of the best at finding ways to mimic the indicies with ETFs. Great risk MGMT. I like getting more alerts too though.