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35-year professional trading veteran provides weekly insights to key market drivers as well as time-tested models to help keep subscribers on the right side of the market's major trends. The service focuses on risk-managed exposure to markets.


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The Front Range Trading Team are full-time professional money managers that head up multiple investment management firms. The lead manager has been live on the firing line and investing for a living for more than two decades and the team has a combi…

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Great service, but it was discontinued with very little notice and there was no provision for a partial refund

Excellent balanced commentary!


It appears the service is okay but as a subscriber for just a month, I will wait to give my opinion after another month of service.

The original product, although supported by a wide array of impressive indicators, was basically a long-term trend-following system. It worked well in a strongly trending environment (2013, 2014) but during the long period of non-trending (2015 to mid-2016) it was badly whipsawed and results were poor. The Moenning's did their best to remedy this by giving different weights to various indicators, so that the system had a "mean reversion" element, a "graduated exposure" element and a "short term" element, however the system's performance remained below par and the trading signals became confusing and hard to interpret. As of 1st December 2016 the system has been completely redesigned, and now consists of a "core" element, an investment in leading market sectors, and an opportunistic trading element. Unlike the previous offerings, however, the new system has to my knowledge no track record and no backtest results are available.

Can you please let us know the last date that you closed out a profitable trade?

I realize this has been a tricky market environment, but so far, this service has been very disappointing. Not too sure how much longer I will follow signals! We can't get on the right side of the market - long or short.

Isn't there any way your system can buy (just a little) when the market declines and sell (just a little) when the market rises. I try to do that for my clients. I am not perfect. But it works. Take a look at your last several suggestions. In each, we have give up much if not all of the gains. How long can this continue? The market has changed!

too much whipsaw

Getting use to the site and will try it for another month.

I haven´t been a member that long but so far I am very satisfied with the service.

Daily Decision is a very professional technical trading service. Dave & Donald Moenning provide excellent commentary and insights to go along with the trading service.

I really appreciate the backtesting and detailed statistical information provided. This helps me evaluate how much risk I am willing to take, and has given me the confidence to follow the signals.

Not good! Not good!

any amateur newbie can panic and sell after a big drop. I am a fool to have paid for this service.