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35-year professional trading veteran provides weekly insights to key market drivers as well as time-tested models to help keep subscribers on the right side of the market's major trends. The service focuses on risk-managed exposure to markets.


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About FrontRange Trading Co.

The Front Range Trading Team are full-time professional money managers that head up multiple investment management firms. The lead manager has been live on the firing line and investing for a living for more than two decades and the team has a combi…

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Less information than previous iteration. Activity feed is easier to follow. System is volatile in times of rapid market changes.

I cannot deal with all the complexities introduced since marketfly. It sucks,,,,,,,, figure out a way to make the clients life easy, not yours

seems to have lost its way...hasn't made any money in a while. seems to have lost its way...hasn't made any money in a while. seems to have lost its way...hasn't made any money in a while.

I am being wipsawed to death. Feel like I am buying high, selling low. In reality, the market is only trending in 1/3 of the time. The key to keeping my money is not to buy-high/sell-low when the market is not trending.

Drew was on top of things and promptly helpped meto reset login password. and access my account . Great job!! Very much appreciated his help

Get your left and right heads together. I get the Daily Decision. In the e-mail it refers me to the resource page. No place sign in as a subscriber -- need to create an account. And then, having supposedly created a new account I'm asked for a review. And can't proceed until I've reviewed the product I just signed up for!

I've been a member for 2 full years, made 46% the first year (after a slow start), and just completed my 2nd year with a 68% return. I use both UPRO and TQQQ's. I also love the fact that the daily updates help keep me in tune with the market. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

So far strait up.

Excellent, just what I was looking for.

any amateur newbie can panic and sell after a big drop. I am a fool to have paid for this service.

Not good! Not good!

I really appreciate the backtesting and detailed statistical information provided. This helps me evaluate how much risk I am willing to take, and has given me the confidence to follow the signals.

Daily Decision is a very professional technical trading service. Dave & Donald Moenning provide excellent commentary and insights to go along with the trading service.

I haven´t been a member that long but so far I am very satisfied with the service.

Getting use to the site and will try it for another month.