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35-year professional trading veteran provides weekly insights to key market drivers as well as time-tested models to help keep subscribers on the right side of the market's major trends. The service focuses on risk-managed exposure to markets.


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The Front Range Trading Team are full-time professional money managers that head up multiple investment management firms. The lead manager has been live on the firing line and investing for a living for more than two decades and the team has a combi…

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I just wanted to follow up my previous review, and I still stand by it. The performance in the hybrid portfolio here is achievable, but it is not easy. The trade management is easy. One position at a time, a couple of trades per month, max. Stomaching the ups and downs of a trend following system, not trying to outsmart the system is hard. Real hard. I looked at all the other systems being sold here. I found one, outside of this one whose performance might interest me. And it is promoted by a kid 2 yrs out of college, I think he might be bored with the whole thing already, he's running a pest control company on the side. So everyone else gets 0-1 stars from me; they aren't workable or trustworthy in the real world. Many of the systems showing a smoother performance graph are putting on way more trades than make sense. By the time you subtract out the commission costs, slippage and subscription fees, you have to be committing 50k and devoting substantial time to opening and closing multiple trades every week. Anything less and it is a loser. These other systems putting on and taking off 4 trades a week are a heckofa lotta work to eke out 10-12% after commissions, and that's if you don't screw up, miss the signal, hit the wrong button, and eat a big loss, which is what I seemed to do every month on the higher volume trading plans. I think after participating for 3 years, this one can work. For a real working stiff with a real job, following the Daily Decision is what I can actually manage.

New user not sure yet. I think this is the way for a regular person to invest in these markets.

I have been using the Daily Decision for the past year and have found it to be very useful for timing the ups and downs of the market. I am pleased with the results and plan on continuing with this service.

it is a most helpful vehicle for my trading. I use this in conjunction with other models that I have created and they compliment well.

th service is too short to have me do any thing. I do no twant to give any review it's not too short

Been with David for over a year now and consider his service the best of its kind...bar-none. I sleep well at night knowing that as long as I stick with him, I will never ride another bear into the abyss!

I've followed a lot of newsletters and these guys are among the best. They publish actual trades honestly and have a level headed approach.

Great work every day...a light on the sea...thank you very much mr. Dave & Donald !!! Roberto from Italy :)

I can't login to my account periodically. This has been going on for months. No explanation. This can be inconvenient. Must be a bug in the site.

Double sign-in is sort of a pain -- once to get into the Daily Decision from e-mail, the other to get back to it after looking at the strategy explnanation (which is a bit incomplete in explaining the leverage/exposure variables). Much of what is on the whole State of the Markets sited is terribly dated, too. Why keep it? Finally, it is harder than it should be to get to the most current news, etc.

Have lost the emails that I was receiving on a daily basis. Other than that it has been a good service.

Great, made some money. Missed out on the last move because of inconsistent and confusing message. I have a monthly subscription but upgrading to yearly in near future.

in general I think that the Daily Decision does an excellent job - simple to use and follow - and I like the returns I have made to date utilizing such an easy system Brian

I like the Daily Decision because it uses good practical methods in simplicity. I would like to see a method of not reacting too quickly but using a longer view to make a trade. The recent action has produced mostly sells when the market is down and buys when the market is up. The present method does not gain well when the market has fits and starts as is projected for 2014.

The S&P comparison does not show in the portfolio value chart. Is there a table to display cumulative results compared to S&P?