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35-year professional trading veteran provides weekly insights to key market drivers as well as time-tested models to help keep subscribers on the right side of the market's major trends. The service focuses on risk-managed exposure to markets.


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About FrontRange Trading Co.

The Front Range Trading Team are full-time professional money managers that head up multiple investment management firms. The lead manager has been live on the firing line and investing for a living for more than two decades and the team has a com...

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Pretty basic but pretty good too ! I like the Free reports from Benzinga too...pretty good for long term investors

Daily Decision is a very professional technical trading service. Dave & Donald Moenning provide excellent commentary and insights to go along with the trading service.

I really love the Daily Decision. It is a brief, concise report on the wellbeing of the market. I like the system that is used to come up with the buy and sell signals. This research would be way too much work to do for any busy individual.

I just finished using Dave and Donald's short, medium, and long term technical coaching along with their discussions of world algo triggering probabilities, recession probabilities, and world monetary policies to give me the confidence I needed to continue scaling in as Friday's market got uglier and uglier. I would have been OK with a reversion to the mean today. What I got was ice cream as I began scaling out into this Monday morning's peak. Thank you for not bailing out of UPRO at Friday's close. I was Long 300% at Friday's close and have scaled back to 60% long with $17K realized in two business days. I needed your. big picture confidence to hang in there at Friday's close. Richard Hoppe

new wed design is better but the email delivery seems to be not as good as the old way seems better for the email format.

I haven´t been a member that long but so far I am very satisfied with the service.

New user not sure yet. I think this is the way for a regular person to invest in these markets.

in general I think that the Daily Decision does an excellent job - simple to use and follow - and I like the returns I have made to date utilizing such an easy system Brian

Getting use to the site and will try it for another month.

I've followed a lot of newsletters and these guys are among the best. They publish actual trades honestly and have a level headed approach.

Double sign-in is sort of a pain -- once to get into the Daily Decision from e-mail, the other to get back to it after looking at the strategy explnanation (which is a bit incomplete in explaining the leverage/exposure variables). Much of what is on the whole State of the Markets sited is terribly dated, too. Why keep it? Finally, it is harder than it should be to get to the most current news, etc.

I like the Daily Decision because it uses good practical methods in simplicity. I would like to see a method of not reacting too quickly but using a longer view to make a trade. The recent action has produced mostly sells when the market is down and buys when the market is up. The present method does not gain well when the market has fits and starts as is projected for 2014.

I really appreciate the backtesting and detailed statistical information provided. This helps me evaluate how much risk I am willing to take, and has given me the confidence to follow the signals.

It appears the service is okay but as a subscriber for just a month, I will wait to give my opinion after another month of service.

Always enjoy the commentary. . . . .well written and normally thought provoking . . . .I always look forward to your reports.