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Our Top 5 Trading Ideas In One Easy To Follow Portfolio.

What if you could cut through all of the hype from pundits and analysts to narrow down your portfolio to just 5 stellar positions? With the Top 5 Portfolio, veteran portfolio managers Dave & Donald Moenning do just that: deliver their 5 top-rated equity ideas in one portfolio - right to your inbox.

This concentrated portfolio approach is designed to do one thing and one thing only: provide superior performance. We are not looking for classically diversified approach or a closet index portfolio. The Top 5 is focused on owning only our very best ideas in the areas of the market that are working now.

The Starting Point: Our Selection System

At the core of the Top 5 Portfolio is our stock selection process. Each week the computers crunch the numbers and rank every stock in our universe in terms of earnings strength and company performance. Our goal is simple: we want to identify those companies that are truly tops in their category.

We do not employ the typical "earnings momentum" type of formula that became so popular in the early 1990's. Our proprietary system is much more robust and unique to our services. Our system for determining a company's earnings strength and performance incorporates a wide variety of indicators, including the analysis of:

  • Earnings Estimates
  • Revisions to Earnings Estimates
  • Momentum of Earnings Revisions
  • Measures for Earnings Surprises
  • Upside Potential for Earnings Estimates
  • Company Momentum
  • Industry Performance

From there, we analyze each of the top rated stocks on an individual basis.

·  Review each company’s chart from a technical perspective

·  Evaluate Wall Street's current research and brokerage ratings

·  Check our long-term fundamental models

Next, we gather our best ideas, and then utilize proven technical analysis techniques in order to determine where would be our most favorable buy points, and the most appropriate sell targets were we to buy.

In sum, we first identify the best rated stocks in the top performing sectors. Next, we look for solid "technical set-ups" from which to make our buys and then watch the positions like a hawk each and every day. When the time is right, we will issue our trade alerts, letting you know what to do and when to do it.

The portfolio consists of a maximum of 5 stocks at a time, at 20.0% per position when fully invested. While this is certainly a concentrated approach, we’ve made sure that risk management strategies are built in.

Managing Risk in a Concentrated Portfolio

As the saying goes, "sometimes the best offense is a good defense." So, in addition to a powerful stock selection strategy designed to outperform by a wide margin in Bull markets, the Top 5 also has a risk management strategy built into the portfolio for when the Bears begin to growl.

Our disciplined sell strategy is very straightforward. We will always sell a position when:

·  A stock is not technically healthy from a chart standpoint – we do not tolerate downtrends or breaks of important support.

·  The stock has fallen below our stop levels.

·  The stock has reached our intended price target.

So, we sell for two reasons – to protect capital and improve the overall health of the portfolio by eliminating poor technical set-ups, and when a stock has reached a level that we have pinned as “time to take the gain and smile.” We monitor each stock in the portfolio on an individual basis each day, so there will be few “surprises” despite the portfolio being so concentrated.

While it may sound simplistic, this "bottom up" approach to managing risk causes us to automatically reduce exposure to market risk during bear markets. And since one of the best ways to make money in the long run is to avoid losing big money in the short run, this approach is an easy way to protect your net worth during bear market periods.

Trading is Simple

It's important to understand that a portfolio doesn't have to be complicated to be a viable, effective approach. The Top 5 doesn’t do anything fancy – no options, no day trading, no special instruction transactions. We simply focus on owning quality stocks that outperform the market together. It only takes about 15 minutes a week to keep up to date with the portfolio, and trades are as easy as a simple buy or sell order.

What You Receive with the Top 5 Portfolio

When you sign up for The Top 5 Portfolio, your subscription will include the following:

1.  Real-Time Trade Alerts - We send a trade alert via email before every trade we enter. These live alerts tell members exactly what we are about to do and why we are doing it before we issue the actual trade into Marketfy's system. Each trade alert will include:

    • Instruction
    • Company Name
    • Ticker Symbol
    • Position Size

2.  Daily Current Strategy & Portfolio Update - Each morning we send out a recap of the portfolio, which includes daily market commentary, a roundup of the portfolio’s holdings, and an update of our year-to-date performance.

3.  Dave Moenning’s “Daily State of the Markets” Newsletter - Dave M's daily column features market analysis and commentary each morning before the opening bell. His column is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the stock market and what makes it tick, without investing hours in research and analysis.

The Top 5 *Performs*

Performance is definitely the name of the game in this business. While many online portfolio services will try to dazzle with unrealistic gains and false promises, we prefer the more honest approach – Full, live results from inception. The Top 5 has been available to the public online since January 1, 2006 and has produced the following:

The Top 5 Portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 Index by more than 3 to 1 since inception. Live. And now available to you, only on


Let’s Recap

Rigorous selection process. Five stocks in the top-performing sectors. Built in risk management strategies. Real-time trade alerts and daily portfolio updates. Transparent, solid performance. Easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to succeed with.

A Pricing Plan that Works With You

While the Top 5 Portfolio is a "pro level" portfolio that can easily replace your broker recommendations and those underperforming mutual funds in your portfolio, we don’t make it nearly as expensive. We also understand that everyone has a different schedule and a different budget. So, we’ve made the portfolio available in three different pricing plans, tailored to suit your needs:

Monthly - $44.95

Quarterly - $109.99

Annual - $389.99

Wishing you green screens in your investment endeavors,

David & Donald Moenning 

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A reference page with helpful content for new subscribers

Activity Feed

Keep up to date on everything going on in the product


Tracked trading portfolio and real-time trade alerts via email or text message


Videos featuring the Maven's market commentary and insights


Posts with actionable ideas and analysis

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